Ozyurt export

Welcome to Ozyurt Export Ozyurt Export is one of the Turkey’s leading fruit exporters. Ozyurt Export exports all sort of fruit and vegetables considering its customers' needs, likes and budgets.
The company meets the customers' demands perfectly by combining its years of experience with today’s advanced technology and thus performs a quality master ship by managing all details skilfully during the export process. As a result, Ozyurt Export offers products that exceed the quality standards.
Despite the surprises that can be encountered along the way the company uses its whole capacity and experience to complete the job with promised quality and to deliver the customers' orders in time. This is what distinguishes Ozyurt Export other companies and makes it reliable.
Unconditioned customer satisfaction is the main principle of Ozyurt Export. To be able to meet consumers' ever-changing needs the company and its dynamic employees continuously renew themselves in accordance with the consumers' expectations.